The Netherlands


'Make domino the new pub game'. A challenging brief, which made me combine graphic design with interaction design. It resulted in a social interaction app: Shuffle. Shuffle provides an easy to use domino game, which focuses on meeting new people, making new friends. The app allows the user to pick a domino tile to start with. As soon as a tile is chosen, it will be saved as a screensaver on your smartphone. Whenever the user finds someone with either a side with the same colour or the same number of dots on their screen, a 'shuffle' can be made using their wifi network. The shuffle that has been made will appear on your screen, as well as the number of shuffles that have already been made. After every shuffle the app shows you the new domino tile, based on both ends of the trail of shuffles that have been made.

By the end of the night you will have a whole range of shuffles, a screen filled with colourful domino tiles, and new friends to go have a drink with.